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New build rendering in Sunderland and across the Northeast

At JAL Rendering & Plastering we are industry leaders when it comes to construction services, and we offer new build wall rendering in Sunderland, Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester-le-Street and Boldon. We provide new build rendering services for landlords, homeowners and housing companies. Get in touch for a quote now.

What is new build rendering?

New build homes are extremely popular across the Northeast and the UK. Adding external cement render to a new build property can make it look more attractive and modern. It’s also a great way to personalise a property and make it feel like it represents you and your style. At JAL Rendering & Plastering, we offer new build rendering across Sunderland, Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester-le-Street and Boldon. We work with housing associations, construction companies, local authorities, and individual homeowners looking for external rendering, and our services are second-to-none.


If you are looking for a trusted external renderer that can work on your project or newly built home, get in touch for a quote. We also offer external rendering for new extensions too.

Key benefits of getting a new-build property rendered

Aesthetic improvement

Make your property stand out from the others with a fresh, personal aesthetic and design

Surface protection

Add an extra layer of protection from the elements with external rendering and cement

Insulation and energy efficiency

Did you know that render can enhance insulation and help reduce your energy bills?

Easy installation

We make it easy and affordable to have your new build home rendered


Rendered houses generally require less maintenance compared to houses without render

Range of rendering materials available

You can choose a material, colour and finish that suits your new property

New Build Housing
Plastering crack in wall with trowel

Interested in our other rendering services?

New build external rendering is just one of the services we provide, and with that service that are still many choices to be made in terms of style and material. Why not check out some of our other rendering options below? Remember we also offer dry lining too!

Areas We Serve

We are a well-equipped team of 8 renderers and plasterers that have previously worked on a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial projects across the Northeast. We are based in Sunderland and our services are available in Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester-le-Street, Boldon, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Repairing the plaster on a wall
Talk to the team at JAL Rendering & Plastering in Sunderland for information on new build rendering services. Call 07933 417603.
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