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Large, modern building that has been rendered

Premium Commercial Rendering Services from A Sunderland-Based Team

If you have a business property that needs rendering, talk to the team at JAL Rendering & Plastering to see how we can help. We have over 20 years of industry experience and provide 5* rated commercial rendering services in Sunderland, Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester-le-Street and Boldon

Make Your Business Property Stand out And Keep It Protected from The Elements

If you really want to make an impact with how your business presents itself, start from the very first impression, and ensure the outside of your building reflects your service!


Rendering is a fantastic way of modernising any business property and at JAL Rendering & Plastering we are the expert team that can do it! We offer commercial rendering for a huge range of property types and can provide repairs to cement and brickwork as well as specialist, rendered finishes that are designed to give the ‘wow’ factor. Rendering is the application of cement or plaster to the outside of a building and can change the appearance of a building either subtly or dramatically, depending on your choice of aesthetics! We are a 5* rated team that has been providing commercial rendering services to businesses in Sunderland, Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester le street and Boldon for over 20 years. Find out more about us or get a free quote now.

Why choose JAL Rendering & Plastering in Sunderland?

There are many benefits to having a commercial property rendered and our experts can take you through all of them. We work with your vision in mind and can change the colour, texture, and appearance of your property’s exterior, while causing minimum disruption to your clients, customers, and staff. Choose commercial rendering services for:


  • Protection from the elements

  • Waterproofing for cleaning and rain

  • Aesthetics that can be tailored to you

  • Removal of surface imperfections


If you want honest advice and a free, no-obligation quote when it comes to getting your property rendered, then please get in touch with us by calling 07933 417603. Alternatively, why not check out our commercial plastering services or dry walling to see how we can transform the inside of your building too?

Costa premises rendered by JAL Rendering & Plastering
Plastering crack in wall with trowel

Specialists in high-quality rendering that gives your commercial property the wow factor

There are many different types of rendering on offer at JAL Rendering and Plastering and we want to make our services simple. You can use the links below to find out more about the different render options we provide or reach out to talk directly to our team in Sunderland.

Areas We Serve

We are a well-equipped team of 8 renderers and plasterers that have previously worked on a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial projects across the Northeast. We are based in Sunderland and our services are available in Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester-le-Street, Boldon, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Repairing the plaster on a wall
If you would like a quote for commercial rendering services from a trusted team in the Northeast, call JAL Rendering & Plastering on 07933 417603.
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