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New build finished homes with garage on a housing estate

Monocouche rendering services in Sunderland and across the Northeast

JAL Rendering & Plastering can deliver on all of your Wall rendering needs including the application of monocouche rendering in Sunderland, Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester-le-Street and Boldon. Find out more about this single-layer solution that is a great fix for many different types of properties.

What is Monocouche Rendering?

Monocouche rendering refers to a type of rendering or external wall finish applied to buildings. The term "monocouche" is derived from French, where "mono" means single, and "couche" means layer. Therefore, monocouche rendering is a single-layer rendering system used for exterior walls, perfect for those who want an easy, hassle-free rendering solution, that combines great functionality and aesthetic appeal.

At JAL Rendering & Plastering we can install monocouche on both domestic and commercial properties and we cover Sunderland, Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester-le-Street and Boldon.

The benefits of choosing monocouche render

Single Layer Application

Making it quick and simple to apply, without compromising on results

Arrives Pre-Mixed

This again helps to make the application and installation process quicker and easier

A Weather-Resistant Solution

Monocouche is specially formulated to provide advanced protection from the elements


This render allows the building to ‘breathe’ so that moisture can escape

Choice of Colour

You aren’t limited with Monocouche and can still choose from a huge array of colours

Crack Resistant and Low Maintenance

Once applied monocouche generally requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to cracking

JAL Rendering project completed
Plastering crack in wall with trowel

Interested in our other rendering services?

If you want to find out more about monocouche and its benefits why not get in touch with our team? You can talk to us about your property and get a quote for external rendering. Alternatively, why not check out some of our other services?

Areas We Serve

We are a well-equipped team of 8 renderers and plasterers that have previously worked on a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial projects across the Northeast. We are based in Sunderland and our services are available in Durham, South Shields, Jesmond, Washington, Seaham, Chester-le-Street, Boldon, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Repairing the plaster on a wall
Want a quote for monocouche render? Contact JAL Rendering & Plastering, in Sunderland.
Call us on 07933 417603.
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